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Who are we

Immagine Grafica is a meticulous agency that offers many services and meets all its clients’ needs or demands. Any communication need is fulfilled through a wide range of custom-designed features by our highly qualified and professional staff. Having many years of experience in the Fashion World, Immagine Grafica is well known as a versatile agency with a dynamic approach that provides an efficient service and always innovative solutions. From graphics to printing, and even photography, video editing and the realization of digital books: there is so much more that Immagine Grafica can offer to you. Immagine Grafica works on a one-to-one basis with the client for a more personal, caring and customized service that fully satisfies the customer. A choice, this is, that is further consolidated by the meticulous and synchronized operations of the organized, and professionally specialized staff in various areas of image graphics.


Graphic Design


Business Cards
Advertising Campaigns
Corporate identity
Look Book
Packaging Design
Type Design
Windows Display

Web Design


Html 5
iPad Applications
Blog and forum
Digital Book
Animate Facebook page
Website optimization for SmartPhones
DEM realization
Restyling template web
Web animation

Other Service


Autocad Project
Animated Flash Banner
Google AdWords campaigns
Facebook advertising
Statistics and analysis website access
3D Animations and Rendering
Pre spaced letterings
We provide on-site installation


Our client portfolio is much more than a business card. For us is the assurance and confirmation of the commitment, passion and energy that we put into everything we do and offer to our customers, every day.

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